Hemorrhoid cream for eye bags and dark circles: YES or NO?

We’ve all heard that certain celebrities and models use a weird trick to get rid fast of eye bags and dark circles: they apply hemorrhoid cream. And if that’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for us, right? But is it? Let’s find out!

Hemorrhoid creams contain vasoconstrictor substances that help reduce the diameter of the dilated blood vessels. But because dark circles are caused by dysfunctions at the level of the network of capillaries underneath the skin, constricting these capillaries might both help fade the dark circles and reduce inflammation of puffiness.

But even if these creams can indeed be efficient in reducing dark circles and eye bags, keep in mind that they weren’t designed to meet the needs of the sensitive skin around your eyes, therefore the side effects can be disastrous. If, however, you insist of trying this unconventional treatment, keep in mind that a hemorrhoid cream should never be applied on the skin around your eyes as such, but always in combination with another, more fluid, cream. Even so, the risks are still high:

  • The substances in the hemorrhoid cream can have unexpected chemical reactions in contact with the cream you would be mixing it with, so you can end up with irritations or rashes.
  • If you accidentally get hemorrhoid cream into your eyes, they can get inflamed or you can get a chemical conjunctivitis.
  • The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and hemorrhoid creams contain certain substances that can easily irritate it.

As a conclusion: even if this might seem like a trick that will probably work, nevertheless you should avoid it and choose, instead, to go with the classical prevention tools for eye bags and dark circles: get enough sleep, don’t eat too much salt, avoid allergens and apply cold compresses.