Boiled potato diet: does is really work?

Let’s make something clear from the start: no long term diet can restrict you to eating just one type of food. Or two. Or three. To be sustainable and healthy, a weight loss diet must include foods from all of the three major categories: carbs, proteins and fibers. So this is definitely not a diet for life. However, if you absolutely need to fit into that specific dress and you need to drop a few pounds fast, this diet can be a good option. You can lose up to 5 pounds in just 3 days, especially if you reduce the quantity of salt as well. You surely know all too well that weight lost in such a short period of time is mostly excess water being eliminated from your body.

Now, we know that potatoes have a bad reputation for being one of the most fattening foods out there. But that because we either eat them deep fried or baked, with tons of butter. But, without any added fats, potatoes only contain approximately 80 calories per 100g, which is not bad at all, considering that they are very filling. Also, as a bonus, potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium, phosphorus and vitamins from the B complex and they also contain fibers that keep you satiated for a longer period of time.  

This is a hypocaloric diet, that doesn’t provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, so it is definitely not recommended to follow it more than 3-5 days. But if you want to lose a few pounds fast, here are a few ideas for a daily menu:

1st day:

Breakfast: one cup of yogurt
Lunch: two medium boiled potatoes (or baked) and a cup of yogurt
Dinner: one boiled potato and a cup of yogurt

2nd day:

Breakfast: one potato and one cup of yogurt
Lunch: two potatoes and one cup of yogurt
Dinner: two cups of yogurt

3rd day:

Breakfast: one cup of yogurt
Lunch: one potato and one cup of yogurt
Dinner: one cup of yogurt

Bone broth: benefits for health&beauty

Sounds weird? All the best natural treatments do. But consuming bone broth on a regular basis can really boost your health and improve the appearance of your skin. So next time you go shopping or you carve some poultry, make sure all bones end up in a pot. Beef, pork, chicken or turkey, they’re all great. Add some water, just to cover them up, and let it simmer for at least 6 hours. Slow cooking helps release from the bones compounds such as collagen, glycine and proline, which have amazing effects on your health. Still not convinced? Here are just some of the benefits of bone broth:

  • Bone broth contains minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, in forms that are easily absorbed by our bodies.
  • Bone broth contains chondroitin and glucosamine, compounds that you can find in the most expensive supplements for inflammation and joint pain.
  • The chondroitin in bone broth helps prevent osteoarthritis, which can lead to the deterioration of the cartilage that covers and protects the joints.
  • The gelatin in bone broth helps repair the intestinal mucosa barrier, making it great in ulcers and colitis, and it even offers protection against certain allergies and food intolerances.
  • The collagen in bone broth helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and the overall health of your hair and nails.
  • Bone broth is rich in glycine, which boosts memory and helps with insomnia.
  • The bone marrow and minerals in bone broth help strengthen the immune system.
  • Bone broth makes your bones stronger due to the minerals in its composition.
  • Bone broth is efficient in treating diarrhea and other intestinal and metabolic conditions.
  • The gelatin in bone broth balances the level of probiotics in the guts.

You can consume bone broth as such, or you can add some vegetables and pieces of meat to it to make it even more delicious. Bon appetite!

Hemorrhoid cream for eye bags and dark circles: YES or NO?

We’ve all heard that certain celebrities and models use a weird trick to get rid fast of eye bags and dark circles: they apply hemorrhoid cream. And if that’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for us, right? But is it? Let’s find out!

Hemorrhoid creams contain vasoconstrictor substances that help reduce the diameter of the dilated blood vessels. But because dark circles are caused by dysfunctions at the level of the network of capillaries underneath the skin, constricting these capillaries might both help fade the dark circles and reduce inflammation of puffiness.

But even if these creams can indeed be efficient in reducing dark circles and eye bags, keep in mind that they weren’t designed to meet the needs of the sensitive skin around your eyes, therefore the side effects can be disastrous. If, however, you insist of trying this unconventional treatment, keep in mind that a hemorrhoid cream should never be applied on the skin around your eyes as such, but always in combination with another, more fluid, cream. Even so, the risks are still high:

  • The substances in the hemorrhoid cream can have unexpected chemical reactions in contact with the cream you would be mixing it with, so you can end up with irritations or rashes.
  • If you accidentally get hemorrhoid cream into your eyes, they can get inflamed or you can get a chemical conjunctivitis.
  • The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and hemorrhoid creams contain certain substances that can easily irritate it.

As a conclusion: even if this might seem like a trick that will probably work, nevertheless you should avoid it and choose, instead, to go with the classical prevention tools for eye bags and dark circles: get enough sleep, don’t eat too much salt, avoid allergens and apply cold compresses.

5 beauty procedures you should avoid while pregnant

The cosmetics industry and the industry of non-surgical cosmetic treatments has evolved greatly in the past few decades. Very many brands have started to invest more and more in research with the purpose of obtaining products with as few side effects as possible, that are environmental friendly and least aggressive with the human body. So you should meet no difficulties in finding products that are safe if you want do dye your hair, for example, do some nail painting or put on some mascara. If you make smart choices, read the labels carefully and do your homework, your daily care and beauty ritual should not suffer too much during the nine months of pregnancy. If anything, maybe you’ll even introduce a step or two, such as massaging the areas of your body that are now predisposed to stretch marks. Talk to your doctor about it and he/she can make the best recommendations in this regard.

However, there are a few beauty procedures that you should definitely avoid while pregnant. As a general rule, avoid using products that contain any harsh chemicals, even if their labels don’t say specifically that they should not be used by pregnant women, and stay away from any procedure that can raise your body’s temperature. Overheating in pregnancy can happen very fast and it can have serious effects on you and your baby. During the first trimester overheating can cause miscarriage. Also, research has shown that a temperature of over 39 degrees Celsius during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects in the fetus such as fetal growth retardation, neural abnormality and even intrauterine death.

The rule “better safe than sorry” applies amazingly well in this case, so don’t take any risks. Love to embrace your beautiful pregnant self and, most importantly, whenever in doubt, give your doctor a call.

  1. Avoid any type of artificial tanning!

According to FDA, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, concluded that tanning devices that emit UV radiation are more dangerous than previously thought. So dangerous, that today these devices are placed into the highest cancer risk category: “carcinogenic to humans.” And while there aren’t any clear indications that artificial tanning beds can directly affect the fetus, they can certainly affect the mother, and in more than one way:

– In an artificial tanning bed you ca easily get overheated and that can be dangerous both for you and your baby, especially (but not exclusively) in the first trimester of the pregnancy;

– Laying on your back reduces blood flow to the heart and, implicitly, to the fetus. You can feel weak and dizzy;

– And, finally, your skin is far more sensitive during pregnancy and exposing it to UV rays can cause the appearance of dark spots.

Don’t apply self-tanner either, as it can contain some harsh chemicals. For at least nine months, simply enjoy being a white beauty!

2. Body wraps

Sure, they’re amazing and you always leave the saloon after having one feeling like a newly born baby, with soft, velvety skin. But, during pregnancy, any type of body wrap is forbidden. That because it can raise your body temperature. For the same reasons, avoid taking hot baths, going to the sauna and hot waxing.

3. Teeth whitening procedures

While it is true that there isn’t enough evidence that teeth whitening is dangerous during pregnancy, there isn’t enough evidence that it’s safe, either. What we do know, though, is that hydrogen peroxide, a substance usually used for teeth whitening, can damage cells and tissues. Also, these type of procedures usually tend to leave your teeth sensitive for a while. But, as your teeth are most likely already sensitive due to the pregnancy, this can easily turn into a really unpleasant side effect. So try to avoid any type of teeth whitening procedure during pregnancy and a few months after, while you’re breastfeeding. In the meanwhile, try to avoid the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth or make them go yellow.

4. Avoid retinoid treatments for skin problems such as acne or wrinkles

According to the European Medicines Agency, retinoid medicines, used mainly to treat conditions affecting the skin such as severe acne, are harmful to the unborn baby if taken during pregnancy. Topical (applied to the skin) retinoids are less likely to cause harm to the unborn child. However, as a precaution, they must not be used during pregnancy and by women planning to have a baby.

Ask your doctor about the possibility of using essential oils and other natural treatments to prevent and treat acne and wrinkles.

5. Adjust your mani-pedi routine

During pregnancy, your immune system is weakened. This is a natural and efficient measure your body takes in order to prevent your organism from rejecting the fetus. But it also means that you should be extra careful in avoiding any infection. Don’t necessarily give up on doing your manicure or pedicure, but avoid cutting your callouses and cuticles.